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Gareth Griffiths (2011-2017)

State of the art ultra-structural analysis of pathogen-containing compartments.

This network focuses on intracellular compartments of eukaryotes which have been inhabited by different microbial pathogens. This application proposes to use state of the art electron microscopy to address relevant questions, from network partners, that require either ultrastructural information per se or the need to localize antigens using immuno-gold methods at the resolution level of electron microscopy. The EM results obtained by our group in Oslo will directly complement the data collected by the various groups in Germany. Among the main techniques we provide are:  Basic ultrastructure using Epon sections, high pressure freezing/freeze substitution, methacrylate resin embedding, thawed cryo sections, immunogold labeling, quantitative methods (stereology) and immunofluorescence microscopy on this cryo sections. We also have access to confocal microscopy and to cell culture facilities, including a biosafety level 2 unit for carrying out infections with pathogens. Our EM expertise is available to all members of the Program, as far as time permits.