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Jude Marek Przyborski (2011-2017)

Exported Plasmodium falciparum chaperones and co-chaperones: Relevance for intra-erythrocytic parasite survival

The human malaria parasite invades and replicates within mature erythrocytes. The parasite synthesizes and exports a large number of proteins to the host cell, where they are involved in host cell modification including cytoadherance, the ability of infected cells to stick to endothelial cells within the body. This phenomenon is responsible for the pathology associated with malaria infection. We recently identified a novel structure in P. falciparum-infected erythrocytes which we refer to as J-dots. These structures contain exported parasite-encoded Hsp40s and are implicated in protein transport through the erythrocyte. This project studies these structures to understand their importance in parasite survival and virulence. A more thorough understanding of this novel process may eventually lead to new avenues for therapy.