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Maximiliano Gutierrez (2011-2014)

Analysis of the function and regulation of Rab20 during mycobacterial phagosome maturation

One of the central points in the success of mycobacterium as a pathogen is its exquisite manipulation of its intracellular phagosome compartment. Many host factors have been invoked to explain mechanistically how mycobacteria usurp and modify their own phagosome to survive within host cells. Nevertheless, a mechanistic understanding of how macrophages mount an efficient response to eradicate mycobacteria efficiently remains unresolved. We have recently identified a set of factors that regulate intracellular trafficking as potential candidates that mediate the intracellular response to mycobacteria. One of these factors is the small GTPase Rab20. We propose here to analyze and define the functional role of Rab20 during phagocytosis and mycobacterial phagosome maturation in macrophages. We expect to provide a mechanistic understanding of the role of Rab20 during the immune response to mycobacteria and expand this knowledge to other pathogens.