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Stefan Schütze (2011-2017)

Clade specific virulence patterns of M. tuberculosis complex strains in human macrophages: Molecular mechanisms underlying phagosomal escape and induction of cell death (joint project with Norbert Reiling)

This approach facilitates the purification of intact bacteria-containing phagosomes and comprehensive biochemical characterization from as few as 2x107 primary cells (see Steinhäuser et al., 2013). Magnetic labeling i.e. of M. tuberculosis with lipobiotin does not affect the virulence characteristics of the bacteria during infection experiments addressing host cell activation, phagosome maturation delay, and replication in macrophages in vitro. The newly developed method represents a useful approach to characterize and compare pathogen-containing compartments, in order to identify microbial and host cell targets for novel anti-infective strategies. For the detailed “Hands on” description including a very detailed trouble shooting section see Steinhäuser et al., 2014. Refs: Steinhäuser et al. (2013) Traffic, 14, 321-336. Steinhäuser et al. (2014) Curr. Protocols Immunol. 2014 Apr 2;105:14.36.1-14.36.26. doi: 10.1002/0471142735.im1436s105