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The Priority Program holds several scientific meetings for its participants and, in some instances, SPP meetings also include scientists from outside the program. Both, internal and International Meetings are organised and, at least in part, funded by the Priority Program. The 2013 „International Conference on Intracellular Niches of Pathogens“ in Glashütten (close to Frankfurt) was a particularly big success. This event brought together almost 100 particpants and a series of outstanding speakers.
SPP 1580 Internal Meeting October 2012
SPP 1580 International Meeting September 2013
SPP 1580 Internal Meeting April 2015
SPP 1580 International Meeting April 2017
The second “International Conference on Intracellular Niches of Pathogens” (Glashütten, Germany, April 2-5, 2017) was organized by SPP1580 and brought together more than one hundred established and junior scientists from within and outside the Programme. They met to discuss aspects of the intracellular compartmentation of pathogens including bacterial, fungal and protozoan microorganisms. Talks given by internationally renowned invited speakers were complemented by 15 shorter talks selected from the abstracts and by thorough poster sessions. The attractive venue ensured a vivid exchange of data and ideas and guaranteed pleasant social memories. The meeting was financed in part by a grant from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) which also supports this Programme. The organisers thank those companies which have donated prizes for best talks and posters by junior scientists.